Saturday, 24 August 2013


hello lovelies.
so i have been gone for about two months and in that time period so much has happened, although i will wait to reveal some of those things.
biggest thing is - my jaw surgery, my face is finally starting to look more normal with most of the swelling gone, although my facial shape is now rounder because of how my jaw was moved. This wasn't somethig i expected so has come as quite a shock and is still not something i'm used to. Can you imagine waking up one morning and looking in the mirror to have a different face? It feels weird and unnatural, and un-me, however i am starting to become more accepting of the idea because I can't change it now. Luckily my jaw and teeth alignment has had fantastic results and my orthodontist is thrilled. Apparently my braces will be off in a few months (most likely before i'm 18 which is exciting!!).

x g.

Monday, 24 June 2013

a note to you all

hello lovely readers,
i may not mentioned in previous posts but for a few days I am going to be in-active because I will be getting jaw surgery tomorrow morning. This is part of the braces correction process which will keep me in hospital for a few days, but all is alright :) But I will be having a swollen face for the next month so there most likely will not be lookbook shoots (hopefully you understand)


Saturday, 15 June 2013

shadow puppets

wearing - batwing sleeved jumper: sheinside, skater skirt: cotton on, red stockings: mother, boots: big w

Afternoon all, I am currently taking my quiet time before next week at school (2 performances) and before my jaw surgery on the 24th. I went for a lovely walk to a dam wall/ park with my mother this morning which I have decided is where I would like to have a picnic for my 18th birthday later this year.

Recently in the mail I received this jumper and another one (which is quite similar) which I ordered from sheinside. They were both one size fits all which had me worried, and especially when I first tried on this jumper I was quite disappointed because it just looked like a stretched jumper, however in only a matter of hours I adapted to it and have fallen in love with the soft fabric! Because it is a big fit and very loose, at times the bottom hem gapes weirdly which is a bit annoying, however this large loose-ness also allows for layering underneath. Tucking it into a skirt sadly didn't work due to the bat wing sleeves, because whenever I moved my arms it pulled the jumper right out.Overall I do really like this jumper though because it is SO COSY, which is perfect for the current winter weather.

x g.

Monday, 10 June 2013

let the flames ignite

WEARING shirt: opshop, blazer: country road, luxe stretch jeans: just jeans, boots: big w

Hey everyone,
It has been a while since I have done an outfit post because I barely ever get to wear nice clothes anymore due to school uniform and the past few weekends even though I go to the city I have had to wear comfortable clothes for painting, or work - so nothing too fancy.
Today I was meant to have a theatre brainstorming session with some friends, but that fell through - so instead I had a lazy home day and took these photos during a walk with my mother and dog. I managed to stay in my room for most of the day though and am currently doing homework whilst editing photos.

So just the other day I got these jeans and seriously my bank account feels naked - although all my jeans are like 2-3 years old and are all very stretched so I knew it was time for some newer ones that actually fit nicely - so I spent the most I have have on jeans to get a nice pair (which will hopefully keep its fit for a while).  Also, I have realised a pattern within myself - each winter I bring our the collared shirts and bowties/ ribbons with blazers. It seems to be my go to winter season style...
Do you have a certain winter style?

In other news, this upcoming two weeks are going to be ridiculous with school performances/assessments - but on Wednesday I also get to go so BriBry live while he is in Australia with my friend from school! Eeeep so excited C:

x g.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

moon trance

I apologise for my lack of posting, however my studies and theatre production have been requiring a bit more time recently. My theatre production 'Never Neverland' with MISFIT Theatre performs this week (Thursday, Friday & Saturday) and we have tech run tonight, which is exciting and nerve-racking, but wish me luck??

In other turns of events, I met up with a theatre friend who I haven't seen in 4 years which was lovely, I played innuendo bingo with some friends which was ridiculous and I sat in the live audience for the taping of the trivia quiz show '31 Questions'. Busy, but lovely times as of recently. Also The other day I went for a lovely walk with my friend Rhys and got snap happy, but had a really nice turnout of photos which I am quite proud of. I find that when I organise photoshoots I get so nervous and feel this pressure to do well and take fantastic photos, but just taking photos randomly is what i enjoy most.

x g.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

miss hansel

wearing - Black lace-up ankle boots: Target, Vintage style pants w/ suspenders: Target, Butterfly top: Kmart, Bowler hat: Dangerfield

Evening all,
I thought I would quickly post this look before I go to bed! I was feeling a little boyish today which called for the pants with suspenders :) However, the last time these were worn was by my male friend for a Hansel & Gretel photoshoot I did last year, so now wearing them after a guy felt a little funny.

Whilst taking these photos, after about 5-10 minutes one dog started barking, and then another, and another etc. Neighbours started coming out onto the street and I have to apologise (so awkward!), but I wasn't about to leave because I hadn't finished taking my photos yet!! It is hard to take my own photos with a tripod and self timer because I keep running back and forth to check the lighting (the clouds kept going over the sun which made my settings temperamental) and my pose. I wish someone could just take photos for me! ... but i am pretty fussy.

School starts back tomorrow = aka a 5:30am wakeup = time for bed! Adios c:

x g.
Also lastly, here is a photo of the guy wearing my pants: oh golly, these pants shall never be the same.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

like a bird

Black Dress: Miss shop, Buckle shoes: Imagination, Clock necklace: birthday present

On such a sun shinny day was Dhillan's 17th birthday lunch at cute restaurant on Southbank in Melbourne. I had to quickly take these photos before I had to dash off to my theatre group's last rehearsal before we performed the first performance of 'Never Neverland' last Saturday. So yes, these photos are from a few days before that and I am just really late blogging them because I didn't know if I liked the photos or not, but I haven't shot any other looks recently so here this is.

My makeup this day followed the idea of a bird. Yes that may sounds weird, but I like eccentric makeup and I love jewels so this is the result of that. However, a few people kept getting freaked out my the jewels not knowing what they were.
I think I may have said before that the dress is an opshop item I picked up for $4 even though originally it would have been quite expensive (scorreeeee!) & these shoes are an old pair that I picked up for $20, but the annoying things go clip clop clip clop everywhere.... Do i rather endure the annoying sound and wear lovely shoes or just throw them into a microwave? What do you think I should do?
x g.